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"Bika - Shender" 

assemble ,,Quasie Mobile"

Yacht transformer: 

type: "River - Lake - The Road"


- Taking into account the new formats, operation of small vessels, made of composite materials -


- 4 in one -

\\\Check out of the garage, parking///:  AMPHIBIAN - MOBILE, simple hand movements, is converted into a trailer with rigid coupling. (To overcome long distances on the highway as a part of the trailer with any car that is equipped with tow bar).

\\\The movement of the track to the beach and the entrance to the water///TRAILER back transformed into amphibians - Mobile. To move independently from the road to the beach and go into the water. By pressing the button automatically (5 \ 15 seconds) automotive suspension packaged (folded). You can relax, fish, travel. Car packed chassis, in any way, it does not reduce the existing space on the vessel.

\\\SPLIT AMPHIBIANS///: AUTOMOTIVE chassis in the water detaches from the ship, as well as easy and secured. Two objects are autonomous, self-sufficient and not dependent on - a full !!! This means that someone will fish aboard the usefulness of the ship and who is going for a beer, or wood, or parking in the area where you plan to vacation ... 

DEVELOPMENT prepared under the newest


- The case of composite materials. infusion method (one of the options offered - balisticheskie protection)

- New unique patented Designed by (developed by System-aided design)

- Fundamental transformation of suspension scheme - KNOW-HOW.

- For stand-alone discount is innovatsirnny generator for very long trips and comfortable stay, away from civilization in any of the available environments.

And all this for you:

                         ® professional anglers

                         ® Professional underwater hunters

                         ® professional divers

                         ® professional rescuers

                         ® Professional Foresters

                         ® Fan Club recreation on the water with family or

                         ® And of course naturally TRAVELLERS

DISABILITIES RIGHTS transforms into limitless abilities, be mobile and independent - both from the weather forecast, and from indifferent ...






of Quasi Mobile


The emphasis: it is primarily a small boat!

         On this slope is made in technical, customer and design specifications ...


But here's the question: Is it necessary ?, without breaking ECOLOGY, on their own jump to the crackdown on the yacht into the water, remove the suspension, set sail or paddles, or outboard motor and surf ...

      After finishing the journey: to transform the suspension - it popped up on the beach and not to wet sandals, holding in one hand a half-eaten sandwich, not getting up from his chair, the forest path or the beach, to move under its own power ... A traveler can catch any passing vehicle equipped - Hooks, showing drawbar rigid coupling - subject of negotiations ...


A full trailer for rigid coupling. How and where you can get such a hitchhiker? ,, Where drawbar turned back and left? ''

This is not a race car, this small craft, exactly 5,000 mm. from the tip of the transom to the tip of the nose, and that's enough to easily evacuate the shore 8 people. Useful dimensions of the sealed accommodation superstructure = 380h180 cm., Size bed = 230h180sm. 2 is on the bench against the second one:.., each 230 cm long and 50 cm wide passage = 80 cm.

On the water - apparently no signs that this yacht has a decent car, multi-link suspension - executive class. Disc brakes at service stations - the usual replacement.


Mobile amphibious 4x4 with control, may be spinning on its axis, to all 360 of its travel distance depends on the number of Li-ion batteries, the meaning of this distance is greater than 20-30 km.? (Question set). Ends power charge? so what?! And How? have: fishing a few days on a nearby lake or hunting in the woods to recharge the batteries - an innovative, on-board, unique, (know-how), an electric generator (it does not work on the water, not on the wood, wind, sun, oil derivatives, no: sorpriz ) You can only say that it is reliable, compact, fairly mobile, it is not afraid of extreme heat, moisture and severe frosts, without refueling all gadgets will work for a long time: navigation, light, computer, TV, phone + charger power battery) further conquer, still the same distance ...








Media types

Fishing is possible in the chair, spinning in all directions. Managing all processes tight joystick attached to the folding arms of the chair. Change the location of the seats is possible by means of the conveyor, fix the chair in the aisle skylight or hide it at all in the space next to the anchor locker, benches between the bottom of the tank. Outboard motor well, hiding in the locker open cockpit. And the place is released under the bathing platform, with retractable ladder equipment.


       Transformer 1


       Transformer 3

       Transformer 4

       Transformer 5

       Transformer 6

       Transformer 7

       Transformer 8

       Transformer 9

       Transformer 10

       Transformer 11

       Transformer 12

       Transformer 13









It is not necessary to pull the boat.



Basic equipment:


    √ The housing with a superstructure.

    √ The choice of color gelcoat.

    √ There is a possibility of redevelopment sealed accommodation superstructure.

    √ place under the engine L-42 (under mah.- 130 kg. With steering head).

    √ One chair with a joystick on the arm, on the conveyor.


    √ From Honda car. Transformation - Automatic / Semi-automatic.

    √ Rigid Coupling. Transformation - Automatic / Semi-automatic.


    √ Battery - Consumable 12 v 50A.

    √ All-weather, all-season electric 12v. 3Ah Innovation: up to 1 month fault free operation, on one refueling know-how of the Republic of Belarus No..



    √ Additional body strength (nanotechnology - ballistic protection).

    √ Oarlocks - transformation.

    √ 2 paddles.

    √ Schwert, steering wheel - transformation.

    √ Construction of the anchor box.

    √ second chair joystick or without joystick on the arm on the front of the conveyor.

    √ rear-view mirrors.


    √ wheel motor equipment - front / rear-wheel drive.

Rig rigging (classic control)

    √ Sail oblique.

    √ Sail spinnaker.

Mast - good angles of attack! (Sorry, that ship is not sports)

    √ Rigging - all running


    √ Power Li-ion battery - grade individual.

    √ Solar electric 12v. 3Ah When the amount of the 1st panel 60x40 sm.Innovatsiya Russian Federation patents.

Boat motors:

    √ 5/40 kilowatt - individually.


    √ - individually.

                                                    - Price -






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