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Beneteau Yacht Center in the Republic of Belarus

    Company Beneteau Yacht Center is an authorized dealer of sailing and motor yachts French shipyard Beneteau in Belarus. We look forward to seeing you in our office in Minsk. Our company offers you a full range of services related to the acquisition, registration, insurance of boats and yachts in Belarus. Certified specialists of our company will provide expert assistance in the repair and maintenance of your yacht.
         Founded in 1884, the shipyard Beneteau today is the European leader in the construction of sailing and motor yachts and boats. The company's products is about 40% of the yacht market in France and 25% of the European market. The success of Beneteau are quality, innovation, knowledge of the client and, of course, love for the sea.

               Education in school Yachting Beneteau!


  Ladies and gentlemen!

April 13, 2015 starting classes in school Beneteau Yachting another group of students!
If you want to dive into the fascinating world of yachting, do not miss the opportunity to undergo training to become the captain of a yacht!

Classes are held in the new Yacht Club, address: Minsk region, Minsk district, Zhdanovichsky with a / c, near the village of District 1.
Modern sailing center, which is unique to our country sports and

entertainment complex, was built by the Belarusian Sailing Federation.
Find out more information, see "sailing school", by phone: +375336250958, +375291285815 group of school: facebook







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Republic Of Belarus

Beneteau Yacht Center


Minsk region, Minsk district, Zhdanovichsky with a / c, 48/2, near the village. District-1.
(Yacht club Belarusian Sailing Federation)


in Belarus: +375 336 250 958; +375 291 285 815
Moscow: +7 903 795 1951

Skype: International Yacht Center
Facebook: International Yaht Center

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